Upcoming Dates of Note

9/19 (Fri): CH. 3 Quiz & Guide Due
9/25 (Thur): CH. 6 Quiz & Guide Due
10/3 (Fri): CH. 7 Quiz & Guide Due
10/9 (Thur): CH. 8 Quiz & Guide Due
10/14 (Tue): Unit 1 Exam Day 1 MC & FRQ
10/15 (Wed): Unit 1 Exam Day 2 MC & FRQ

Dr. Kocherlakota Visit (2014)

Ninth District Federal Reserve President Dr. Narayana Kocherlakota at EVHS (2014)


Welcome to Mr. Kelly’s Advanced Placement Economics webpage. This site was created with your needs in mind and with the goal of becoming an extremely valuable resource throughout the school year. Be sure to check back often for updated weekly schedules, reading assignments, study guides and selected links.

Please bookmark and review the site.

See Mr. Kelly with any questions or concerns in C232.

Mr. Kelly can be quickly reached via email at: John.Kelly@district196.org

Thank You.


Things to keep in mind:
1) READ the assigned pages/chapters each week. The Reading Quizzes will be the difference between a "solid" grade and an "okay" grade; the difference between a 5 and 2 on the AP Exams in May. READ!

2) Remember to check your grades and make-up any missing assignments ASAP.

3) See Mr. Kelly if you have any questions or concerns. Learn it now, not in May.

2014 Fed FT (9th District)

2014 Fed FT (9th District)
Bus 2, Group C
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